Project 03

Interaction of adhesion GPCR signalling and ionotropic pathways during mechano-sensory signal transduction

Robert J. Kittel, Leipzig University & Tobias Langenhan, Leipzig University

Team members
Nadine Ehmann
Ina Brauer

Project Description
Building upon our observation that the adhesion G protein-coupled receptor (aGPCR) dCIRL acts as a metabotropic mechanosensor in Drosophila, this project will carry out a detailed investigation of the functional interaction between dCIRL and ionotropic mechanotransduction channels of the TRP (transient receptor potential) family. In order to judge the generality of such an interplay, we will focus on two mechanosensory systems: (i) the larval chordotonal organ, which detects external mechanical stimuli and (ii) specialized central neurons of adult Drosophila, which monitor internal osmolality.